Don’t’ feel spooked 👻 or be left in the dark about Managing Training records in People Inc.


  • Both course-based training and ad-hoc training can be managed using People Inc.
  • Where training is course-based it can be managed from the perspective of the course
  • A training need for a course can be created automatically by the system
  • The system will also manage CPE/CPD points🧇

Training History

A full training history can be recorded against each employee. Records added to this screen may (or may not) be associated with a course. Any training booked or completed by an employee is held in the Training History screen. This screen has information about the training course, whether it has been completed and when the date of course/training need expires. Where a course is selected, an entry is added automatically to the delegates screen that is associated with the course definition. This enables users to manage the delegate bookings from the perspective of the course (i.e. a course with a list of delegates).


Courses that are used regularly can be defined within the system. A list of delegates is associated with each course; this can be filtered to provide a waiting list. When delegate records are updated the changes are also made in the Training History.

Courses Screen

Enables users to record details of training courses. There are a number of data fields to be completed such as Course name and the status of the course, whether it is a current or historical course. It is also possible to record the number of minimum and maximum delegates for that particular course.

Course Administration

Training needs can be identified from appraisal records, and from the mandatory training associated with a job definition. Courses can be scheduled to satisfy these needs. Training-related e-mails and letters can be sent to delegates. Details of completed training are automatically recorded against each employee.

Courses are assigned to an employee, usually as a training requirement, either manually, or automatically as a training requirement identified as part of an employee appraisal, as a course requirement for an employee’s job or as the result of a previously expired course.

A list of delegates and their current status for each course, including waiting lists can be viewed; or a list of courses required, booked and completed by each employee.

Appraisal Objectives can also be recorded and maintained through the appraisals screen.

Delegates Screen

The Delegates screen lists all those attending a course. Entries can be added to this screen manually in the normal way.

In addition, delegate records are added automatically when:

  • A training record that is associated with a course is added to an employee
  • A training need is added via an appraisal
  • A course has an expiry date (a training need is generated)
  • An employee is given a job with a mandatory course they have not done

Mandatory Courses

Mandatory courses can be associated with a job within People Inc. Some courses are mandatory for an employee as part of their job. These courses can be added under the Job screen and then they will come up automatically as a training need in their records.

Training Needs

  • Training needs can be added manually
  • Training needs are automatically created from the mandatory training list in a job definition
  • Training needs are generated automatically from the appraisal section of the system (can be done via the ESS)
  • Training needs are generated automatically when a course expires

CPE/CPD Records

If the number of structured or un-structured points are added to a training record, these are totalled in a CPE/CPD record for the year


People Inc. includes in excess of 160 reports, all of which can be used immediately as supplied. Users can customise any of these reports and create their own customised reports as required.

The following advanced reporting tools are supported

  • Standard text reports
  • Export to MS Excel, Word and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Graphical reports
  • Combined text and graphical reports
  • Cross Tab reports
  • Drill down
  • Sub-reports, allowing reporting across any number of screens without unwanted repetition of data.

All of the functionality outlined above is standard in the People Inc. system – contact us on 01977 734 074 or for more information on how the Training & Courses section can help your organisation.