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Flexible Benefits via the People Inc. ESS

Introduction The demands of modern life are no longer synonymous with a 9-to-5, 365-days a year job; individuals often need some degree of flexibility in their working hours. In recognition of this, recent legislation has given individuals the right to request flexible working from their employer. Flexibility might be provided, for example, by adjusting their…

New Organisation Charting Tool for People Inc.

People Inc. provides a number of reports that enable users to show their organisation’s reporting structure, however, these are presented in a list-format rather than showing information using a chart. This new Organisation Chart plug-in (available from April 2017) enables users to create organisation charts quickly and easily based on the company structure as defined…

New Training Management Wizards for People Inc.

  Two additional wizards have been introduced to help manage training records within the People Inc. system. The first focuses on training needs, the second on training course bookings. Both wizards enable users to add training information to a number of employees’ records at the same time. The existing Mandatory Courses feature in People Inc. enables users to assign a training need…

Register Employee as a Leaver – People Inc.

  People Inc. manages a wide variety of employee-related information; each employee record will include information about absence, pay and benefits, training, etc. When an employee is marked as a leaver, all of these records need to be reconciled. This not only ensures that any ‘future’ bookings that have been added do not remain within the system, but…

New People Inc. Wizards & Plug Ins

Following on from the People Inc. upgrade that was released in the autumn, the People Inc. team are currently working on developing the Wizards provided with the system. Wizards are designed to help with multi-step or repetitive tasks, enabling the user to perform complex and time-consuming updates quickly and easily. During this development the team…

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