Youmanage - promotes HR best practice whilst reducing costs

Youmanage Overview

Youmanage - everything you need to manage HR and remain compliant – all in one place

Flexible, workflow equipped modules with available case and document management capabilities which ensure HR compliance and performance improvement

Youmanage provides a process-driven, time saving interface that helps & guides all users - HR professionals and people managers through each part of the employee lifecycle.

Youmanage can work for companies with as few staff as 15 up to 1,500 staff.

The easy to use interface combines all of the tools, workflow processes, information and legislative guidance that a manager or HR user needs, whilst your business benefits from significantly reduced administration costs, improved employee productivity and overall day to day engagement.

With HR best practice and UK legislation considered at every stage, you can be confident that your organisation is both managing and treating your employees in the best possible ways.

Whether you're adopting our HRM software for the first time or you are looking to migrate data easy from your existing human resource solution, we have the answer - put us to the test today.


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Key Features

  • Intuitive, on demand & easy to use
  • Accessible for all of your employees, from anywhere
  • Highly secure, hosted employee database
  • Content management - documentation and policy guidance
  • Configurable built-in parameters
  • Unique case management capabilities
  • Includes key workflow processes
  • Customisable modules
  • Ready to use Letter and email templates
  • Notifications and alerts – never miss a thing
  • Reporting and analysis at you fingertips
  • Help when you need it most – a call away



 Accessible Anywhere

The Youmanage Enterprise Cloud Platform delivers everything you need in a user-friendly interface. The Cloud HR platform is held within Tier III Datacenters and is based on advanced, industry standard technologies and a highly resilient platform, to ensure the highest levels of service availability and security of client data

Included Documentation & Guidance Content

Youmanage provides a wealth of standard guidance content, such as policies, procedures & training notes. Add your own so that all users can  access relevant and easy-to-understand HR guidance, policies and other information

Automation for effective and empowered line managers

Equip your people managers with HR software that they need to easily deliver and comply with your HR policies and strategy, with inbuilt workflow processes, guidance and HR support

Secure Employee Database

With our highly secure and powerful, modular database, you can store, analyse and report on a wide range of data automatically, allowing your people managers to play a pivotal role in implementing and maintaining great HR practices and policies and getting the most out of your teams.

Transform the effectiveness of your management processes

From interviews to performance management, Youmanage will guide you through the necessary steps to carry out all common HR and management tasks, ensuring best practice

Modular Flexibility

Not all companies are the same and have different requirements. Youmanage has a flexible suite of six fully integrated and highly functional modules that deliver a wide range of comprehensive people management capabilities, designed to meet the depth and breadth of your key HR processes that your organisation may need

Workflow Process Automation

Unique to Youmanage is the in-built workflow process automation and case management capabilities that guides your employees and managers effortlessly through each step of HR management activity, meaning massive cost savings through greater collaboration and providing reduced compliance risks.

Get the best from collaborative team working

Help your people managers get the most out of their teams and ensure that they are able to provide the consistency and the compliance of management tasks that your organisation needs

Protect your organisation against compliance risks

Ensure your people managers adhere to current employment legislation and your Company meets its HR-related compliance obligations 

A choice of HR solutions each employing different technology, whilst offering flexibility and value for money,

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We have more than 15 years’ experience in supplying HR software for SME’s, including related consultancy, training and support services. We provide cost effective solutions for clients ranging from 20 to 3,000 staff across all sectors. Software4HR helps clients throughout the U.K, providing systems and HR Consultancy services.


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