ESS Scheduler – Employee activity at a glance


Available as an add-on for The Employee Self Service module – the ESS scheduler displays an easy view of employee-related events recorded within People Inc.

The ESS scheduler tool is designed to consolidate key dates for employees within a departmental calendar view. Entries can include absence bookings (and requests), training courses, Action List entries, employment anniversary and both shift-pattern and hours worked from People Inc. time.

Employees can see their own information (in a choice of calendar views: day, working week, week, month, timeline); in addition to this, managers can see information for employees in their team (in a timeline).


The ESS Scheduler provides time-line information for multiple employees or a day/week/month option for personal information. Further, for People Inc. time users the actual hours along with a shift pattern are also displayed for each day.

Also, a separate view includes:

  • Key dates (Action List entries)
  • Anniversaries
  • Absence information
  • Training information

The scheduler displays the availability for each employee (In Office, WFH, On Leave) and provides hyperlink contact details so the users can contact an individual (by phone or e-mail).

For more information about how The Employee Self Service module can help your company see here or contact us.