Managing Recruitment with People inc.


People Inc. allows organisations to manage details of vacancies and applicants. Users can manage & record a range of recruitment activities: register applications, move applicants through the selection process, offer jobs, and take up references. As part of this process People Inc. can also be used to generate e-mail, letters, and recruitment reports.

There’s no limit to the number of vacancies that can be held on the People Inc. system. Users can manage approval to proceed with recruitment within the vacancy record, and it is also possible to assign timescales and target dates for different phases of the recruitment process.

Standard Features Summary

  • Register details of company vacancies
  • Manage applications and applicant details
  • Generate letters and e-mails
  • Attach documents: CV, job-offer, etc.
  • Applicant shortlisting by line managers
  • Schedule interviews
  • Generate job offer (letters, contracts, etc.)
  • Generate employee records from applicants
  • Website integration (online applications)
  • Remove old records (GDPR)

Maximize efficiency by linking your website vacancies to People Inc.

The recruitment web-publishing add-on is designed to integrate with an organisation’s website to show details of vacancies. The vacancy information is recorded as normal in People Inc. and selected details are automatically published on the website, where applicants can review details of vacancies and then complete an on-line application form. Their application details along with an uploaded copy of their CV are added to the relevant vacancy record within the People Inc. system.

There’s no limit to the number of applicant details that can be recorded against a vacancy within the system. These can be added when an applicant submits their details and CV through the organisation’s website, or they can be added manually (by the user). Users can also attach documents to applicant records (their CV, copies of certificates, letters). Once the applicant details have been captured by the system users can then progress the applicant through the recruitment process.

Users can replicate their own organisational recruitment processes in People Inc. : acknowledge, shortlist, interview, offer, accept. At each stage of the process letters and e-mails can be generated based on templates they have added to the system (interview  invites and job offers for example), and attach copies to applicant records if required. If necessary, others within the organisation can be given access to make their contribution, for example line managers could be asked to shortlist applicants

Users can manage a schedule of interviews. Using available reports, documentation to be used during a series of interviews can be generated, and access to the applicants details can be made available during these meetings too.

When a successful applicant is chosen, a job-offer and contract can be created, and the system will also generate an employee record for HR to use.

To assist in compliance with GDPR, after a period of time it is important to remove personal details relating to applicants. A feature is provided to manage this process.