Managing Expenses

Ever wished that you could remove the monthly expenses paper headache?

As your employees dig through desk drawers and travel bags to find receipts to submit a traditional paper claim, what about the line manager who is checking expense policy compliance and the person up in accounts processing claims for payment?

The Expenses add-on helps everyone by allowing employees to record and submit details of their expenses electronically via the People Inc. ESS module. The claims are reviewed by a line manager for approval before the details are passed to payroll or finance staff for payment.    


Employees can access the Expenses add-on with a couple of clicks using the Employee Self-Service module. Pc, tablet & mobiles devices are all supported. Expense claims are managed in the following way:

  • Employees record and submit claims. Expense receipts can be attached and claims can be reviewed a number of times before submission.
  • Managers automatically receive email notification that new claims have been submitted. Each claim from a managers team appear in a list in the ESS can be viewed for review/approval.
  • Should an item fall outside an expenses compliance policy, a Manager can amend the claim or reject it. Employees receive an automatic email notification to inform of claim rejection.
  •  Once a Manager has approved a claim it is either marked as ready for payment and processed in the normal way or passed for second-level approval (by a senior manager or finance for example).
  • The information of approved expense claims can be provided by spreadsheet and passed to passed to payroll.
  • A suite of reports to monitor key parameters included

At each stage, an employee receives an email notification of progress with their expense claim.

With the Expenses Add-on, you can remove the monthly expenses paper headache, streamline processes & save time.

More Information

For more information about how The Employee Self Service module can help your company see here or contact us.