Managing Timesheets Electronically

People Inc. Timesheet Add-on

Using the Timesheet add-on for People Inc. to record the attendance of employees who work flexible hours, who are hourly paid, or who work paid overtime is simplicity itself.

Accurate and complete details are recorded by managing timesheets electronically. Timesheets are submitted quickly and efficiently, and they are processed easily (with an accessible audit trail), and that they are then paid and filed.

Implemented within the Employee Self-Service module, the People Inc. Time-sheet Add-on enables employees to record and manage time-sheets electronically. Individuals add their own time-sheets; these are automatically routed to their manager for review; once approved the details can then be extracted (in MS Excel format for example) for payroll processing.

Employees can submit their own timesheets or Managers can compile group/department timesheets. Using the timesheet add-on eliminates the need to e-mail spreadsheets of hours between managers and finance, all data is collected once using the ESS.

More Information

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