New Absence Pack including – Sick & Late Notifications, Toil Request, Holiday Buy & Sell


The standard People Inc. system contains a number of features to help HR Users manage employee leave and absence. Absence allowances allow users to manage the various categories of leave assigned to individual employees.

The system allows for the creation of a variety of absence categories & bookings; Employee’s Absence Allowances can be pro-rated using an employee’s FTE and with helpful automatic adjustment for bank holidays.

The People Inc. ESS allows employees to request leave. Once submitted, requests are routed to their line manager for approval. On approval, the dates will appear as easily identifiable colour coded entries in the absence calendar viewer in the system. This easy to use calendar allows the  scheduling of activities and planning for workloads.

New absence features

The new features include the ability to report sickness absence, and the new provision  of an online return to work form. Employees can indicate that they are running late, and the introduction of recording hours that are worked outside an employee’s normal work pattern. (these hours can be recorded in a TOIL allowance and then booked as absence). Employees can now buy or sell holiday days, and there are a number of new absence reports.

Optional in Version 4

The People Inc. Employee Self Service system helps HR when dealing with planned leave, but additional available features allow users to managing un-planned absence. New features in People Inc. version 4 permit the recording of staff sickness, and following a period of sickness, a form to complete an on-line return to work declaration.

These two ESS forms create data in both the employee absence records and the absence calendars. Line managers can record and manage staff sickness themselves without recourse to HR or Payroll. HR users have oversight of the process and can access absence analysis reports.

The ESS Absence Pack

The ‘I am running late’ feature enables employees to let the company know that they are running late. If the ESS is made available outside the company’s office this can be completed via the employee’s mobile device.

Using these new features, employees are able to register additional time that they work  Once approved via a line manager, this additional time is added to a time-off-in-lieu (TOIL) allowance and is available to be booked (as time off) using the normal leave request screen.

The new absence pack also allows staff to elect to buy and sell holidays. Employees holiday allowance is amended and reflected in their pay.

Absence Reporting

A number of new absence reports are now available as free downloads in the resources section. These reports are based on the governments ONS analysis of absence and provide an analysis of absence information.

More Information

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