New Organisation Charting Tool for People Inc.

People Inc. provides a number of reports that enable users to show their organisation’s reporting structure, however, these are presented in a list-format rather than showing information using a chart. This new Organisation Chart plug-in (available from April 2017) enables users to create organisation charts quickly and easily based on the company structure as defined within the People Inc. system.

The plug-in is easily added to an existing instance of People Inc. (version 3.5 or above) and utilises the ‘reports to’ information to create a reporting structure in the form of an Organisation Chart.

Example Chart

The Organisation Chart plug-in is opened from an entry in the Wizards menu (within the system). Once open, the user can:

  • Select a specific Company, Department, or Location (or combination) and generate an organisation chart.
  • Choose from a range of background, cell and text colours.
  • Rotate the chart from portrait to landscape mode and vice versa.
  • Generate an image file containing the chart; this can be printed or used elsewhere (outside the People Inc. system).

A version of the new plug-in (based on the features detailed above) will be available to existing customers at no cost. We are also developing a full version that will includes a number of advanced features (there is likely to be a small cost for the advanced version). The features in the advanced version will include:

  • Choice of box styles (rectangular, rounded corners).
  • Choose font (standard font dialogue).
  • Choice of box content (list of fields: job, phone, grade, FTE, ESS group, mobile number, e-mail, etc.).
  • Show Employee Photos.
  • Drill-down (click to show more details on an employee).
  • Limit Number of levels (down from top).
  • Drag/edit modelling (with option to save/load models).
  • Write data back to ‘Reports to’ field within People Inc.
  • Zoom (scaling).
  • Link to ESS organisation-chart screen.

Both versions are scheduled for release at the end of April 2017.

Please call us on 01977 7340744 or e-mail for further information or if you would like to be included for a future webinar.