Personal Details Update Add-on

Employees in most companies will need to inform HR to make changes to their personal details ie contact details, bank details and emergency contacts. This couls be a paper-based process using a form or paperless by sending an email – either way the employees updated information is sent to HR and the new details have to be are retyped into the HR system.

Using this approach is both prone to keying error and time-consuming. The new details are not verified as accurate or complete when entered into an HR system.

A much more effective process allows employees to enter the new information directly into the system, with automatic notifications to appropriate departments, a means to process the information easily (with an accessible audit trail), and a reliable means of reporting the changes via a full history.

The People Inc. Personal Details Update Add-on enables individual employees to record and manage changes electronically using a web browser and their own personal login credentials for their own HR record in People Inc.

Any updates are monitored giving all involved the ability to track changes. Details of changes can then be extracted (in MS Excel format for example) for payroll processing. Management reporting can be generated easily from the provided reports suite.

Employees Submit Change of Details

Employees can record changes to their Bank Details, Personal Contact details & Emergency Contact Details using three update screens made available via the Employee Intranet. Once the changes have been made an e-mail is triggered to a nominated e-mail address to advise a change has been made.

E-mail Notifications

There are a number of notification e-mails included with the add-on.

  • Bank Details Notification
  • Contact Details Notification
  • Contact Created Notification
  • Contact Updated Notification
  • Contact Deleted Notification

The Personal Details Update add-on also offers the following additional benefits:

  • Make information visible and give individuals the means/opportunity to check their records are up-to-date (it may be that no-one realises records are out-of-date).
  • Provide an audit trail detailing all the changes made by employees. These are time-stamped and help to manage the quality of changes that are made.
  • Collate payroll-related changes (bank details, change of address) in the payroll change log. These can then be extracted and sent to payroll.
  • Keep a history of changes for each category of change against each employee. The user can refer back to these and see who changed what, and when.


Reports are provided with the Personal Details add on.  These include a full history reports and reports that list changes made in a particular date range.

More Information

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