Register Employee as a Leaver – People Inc.


People Inc. manages a wide variety of employee-related information; each employee record will include information about absence, pay and benefits, training, etc. When an employee is marked as a leaver, all of these records need to be reconciled. This not only ensures that any ‘future’ bookings that have been added do not remain within the system, but also that the headcount and reporting structure is updated.

Information about leavers it retained within People Inc. to enable users to generate historical reports (and to enable them to look up historical information). Day-to-day, information about leavers is hidden from view (the system show just current employees).

The first in a series of new or enhanced Wizards, the ‘Register Employee as a Leaver’ Wizard is designed to simplify the process of updating and reconciling information when an employee leaves. This Wizard enables the user to:

  • Select an employee and mark them as a leaver (update their Leaving Date and Status)
  • Add an End Date to their job and salary details
  • Add an End Date to any current benefits records
  • Remove future absence bookings and reconcile their holiday allowance
  • Process any outstanding ESS requests (holiday requests submitted by the employee)
  • Mark future training needs as ‘No longer needed’  
  • Update the ‘Reports To’ information for employees who report to the leaver
  • Mark any ESS user accounts as ‘inactive’  


Where follow up actions are necessary, the Wizard automatically adds an Action List to make sure that these are followed up.  

Register Employee as a Leaver Wizard  



A number of new or enhanced wizards are scheduled for development during 2017. Each of these is designed to help the user complete a multi-step or repetitive task. The next wizard in this series will help users to to add training needs to the system for a group of employees, and this will be accompanied by another wizard designed to enable users to complete a training course (select a number of delegates and record details of them having completed a course)    .

Please call on 01977 734074 or email if you are interested in more information about this wizard.