Statistics Screen for Managers

Statistics Screen for Managers

The data entered into the People Inc. system can be analysed in order to show a wide variety of extra information. Typically this is achieved through reports but it is also possible for Managers using the People inc. Employee Self-Service module to take advantage of an online statistics feature with dashboard-style reporting. The feature displays an overview of HR-related metrics in a visual or graphical format, based on data taken from the groups they manage.

The graphical presentation, allowing quick and easy review while always being up to date. So that Managers within the organisation are alerted immediately to trends and are able to take any appropriate actions. The graphical view makes the figures easier to understand and means that users are more likely to review them regularly. The information is presented so that individual managers can compare figures for their team against similar figures for the whole organisation.

The up to date daily information displayed is updated overnight using existing data for each company so no user input is required. An entry is produced for each month (provided there is data) once it has passed. Detailed information such as absence will typically be available for the previous two years.

The statistics feature displays the information in panels with a graphical format allowing  quick & easy interpretation of data by Managers.

The top left panel displays information on employee absence; other panels provide some diversity information (Age, Gender and Ethnicity). For each type of data, the overall figures for the organisation are also displayed for comparison.

Typically, the following types of information can be displayed here;

· Employee headcount (calculated at start and end of month)

· Maximum working hours available for the month

· Working hours lost to sickness over the month

· Working hours lost to holiday over the month

· Number of leavers

· Number of starters

· Days lost to sickness over the month

· Days lost to holiday over the month

There is a significant advantage to having a summary of monthly information available and It is possible to add much more information and have additional screens depending on your specific requirements.

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