The Employee Directory


When a call comes in and is answered by a member of staff, how do they know who is in the office? Is the person in a meeting? Would they be able to take the call? The situation requires that staff need easy access to the employee’s telephone number or other contact details (e-mail, mobile, etc.) and if not available, they’ll need to access a list of alternative members of staff that could take the call.

The Employee Directory Add-On is quickly accessible from all Pc’s and mobiles phones. This add-on provides up to date availability information and contact details at a glance and solves all of these issues.


The Employee Directory is an add-on as part of the People Inc. ESS module. The screen-image (below) shows a basic configuration of the Employee Directory that uses the default colour-scheme and layout from the People Inc. ESS module.

The Styling options enable the content and layout, the number of columns, the content of each cell, etc. all can be changed to suit a company’s requirements.


The Add-on allows a selection of contact details to be specified in each cell. Each cell lists employees, their photo, and brief contact details, further information can be added if required.

The information displayed in the directory is taken from the data within People inc. Should an employee’s details be amended in the system, the Employee Directory will automatically reflect the changes. With staff contact details being so readily to hand, any out-of-date information and other details that need updating are identified and rectified quickly.

In addition to giving access to up-to-date employee contact details, the add-on also displays gives an indication of employee availability based on individual work pattern and absence records held within the People Inc. system. The cells of employees who are not at work (with a reason, if required) are highlighted with a coloured shadow.

Users can quickly search for records within the directory.

Features Summary

The Employee Directory is optimised for both Pc & mobile and provides an automatically updated, searchable telephone directory. It also provides additional employee information, including photo and an indication of availability (based on work-pattern). Employees’ availability is automatically updated using absence records. Employees can update their availability real-time as circumstances change. Users can search the entries for information (by department, location, etc.)

It is also configurable; users can display additional information.

Benefits Summary

Users can gain quick access to employee contact details and understand who is available (and who is unavailable) and allows them to find an alternative contact. The information is automatically updated. Users can click to send an e-mail to an individual and mobile users can click to call an individual. Users can publish/manage additional employee details.

More Information

For more information about how The Employee Self Service module can help your company see here or contact us.