New Training Management Wizards for People Inc.


Two additional wizards have been introduced to help manage training records within the People Inc. system. The first focuses on training needs, the second on training course bookings. Both wizards enable users to add training information to a number of employees’ records at the same time.

The existing Mandatory Courses feature in People Inc. enables users to assign a training need to all the employees who work in a specific job or role. Using the first of the new wizards, the same thing can be achieved for a group of employees selected from a list by the user. When this is done, the system also adds the employees to the list of delegate for the course. Once a suitable course is scheduled, the user can then confirm individual’s places on the course (and send out invitations, joining instructions, etc.).

The second of the two wizards is designed to add confirmed training records (not just training needs). Once again, the user can choose the list of employees they wish to use, select the course, and the wizard will add training history records for them. If the course they have selected expires (this is a setting in the course definition), a follow-up training need for the same course is also created for each of the employees. Alternatively, the user can specify a different course as the follow up training need (a refresher course).

The courses available in both of these new Wizards are defined in the Courses screen within People Inc.

People Inc. Training Courses screen


A number of on-line webinars were run w/c 20th March to show users these new wizards and explain how they can help with training management. Please call us on 01977 734074 or e-mail for further information or if you would like to be included for a future webinar.